A Tribute to Our Everyday Heroes: ECO Transit Operators

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As the Executive Director of the EVTA, it is my privilege to invite the community to join us in extending a heartfelt thank you to the exceptional individuals who are the most important piece of our operation – our Bus Operators. Today, on Bus Operator Appreciation Day, I am proud to celebrate these dedicated professionals who go above and beyond to ensure our valley remains connected.

Our operators are more than just drivers. They are the reliable force behind our daily travels, ensuring that your journey is safe, on time, and comfortable. They are key players in our community, helping to connect us between our homes, workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities, and the beautiful places we all love to recreate. They ignite our economy by getting our visitors to the mountain, shops & restaurants while simultaneously getting our lift operators, servers, and store clerks to work.

Faced with changing weather conditions and crowded roads, our operators display remarkable patience, dedication, and skill. Safety is their top priority, and great service a source of tremendous pride. Their day often starts before the sun rises and continues long after it sets, a testament to their professionalism and their deep sense of responsibility towards the passengers they serve.

Beyond their duties as operators, these individuals embody the spirit of our community. Their daily interactions are marked by kindness, joy, patience, and a welcoming demeanor. They do their best to create a sense of warmth and belonging for all passengers. They see and bring out the best in our community, touching lives in ways that go beyond their job description and delivering reliable, inclusive service for every resident or visitor to our area.

On behalf of the entire ECO Transit & EVTA teams and the communities we serve, we want to express our deepest gratitude to our operators. Your hard work, dedication, and positivity enrich our lives in immeasurable ways. You are not just driving buses; you are driving positive change, fostering community spirit, and making a real difference every day.

It's time to highlight each ECO Transit operator who contributes to the seamless operation and unity of our system and community: Aaron K, Barbra B, Ben M, Brett T, Cory C, Dan D, Dana P, Danielle R, David M, David O, Duckie G, Herman R, Ismael H, James B, Jason R, Jay F, Jazmyne C, Joel R, Kathleen M, Kelly S, Kelly W, Kyle L, Liduvina C, Mallory M, Manuel F, Mark T, Matt F, Michael G, Michael M, Michael S, Mike B, Mike C, Pat S, Ric M, Rick T, Rob B, Roxanne B, Santiago G, Sara H, Scott G, Sergio M, Shakara G, Shane T, Shannon L, Shawn Q, Stephanie L, Stephen B, Stephen R, Steven R, Tamera K, Todd O, Tommy S, Victor S, Vihren G, Wayne C, Belle E, Matt P, Paul T, and Will H.

We also extend our thanks and appreciation to our colleagues at other transit agencies in the Valley. Thank you, too, for all that you do.

Tanya Allen, EVTA Executive Director