Board Members


The EVTA board is comprised of one member from every participating jurisdiction in Eagle County. 
EVTA board members are appointed by their jurisdiction's council members.
Interested in contacting our board? Just email Board@EVTA.org with your feedback!

The EVTA board meets the second Wednesday of every month from 12pm-2pm at the Avon Council Chambers. Visit our public records page to view board meeting agenda and packets.

EVTA Board Chair:
Amy Phillips
Mayor, Town of Avon

EVTA Board Vice-Chair:
Jeanne McQueeney
Board of County Commissioners, Eagle County


EVTA Board Members:

Earle Bidez
Mayor, Town of Minturn

Barry Davis
Council Member, Town of Vail

Dave Eickholt
Board of Directors, Beaver Creek Metropolitan District

Nick Sunday
Council Member, Town of Eagle

Garrett Alexander
Trustee, Town of Red Cliff


EVTA Alternate Board Members:

Russell Andrade
Town of Avon

Brian Rodine
Town of Minturn

Kathy Chandler-Henry
Board of County Commissioners, Eagle County

Cassie Macumber
Town of Red Cliff

Pete Seibert
Town of Vail

Ray Shei
Beaver Creek Metropolitan District

Bryan Woods
Town of Eagle

The Eagle Valley Transportation Authority’s Board of Directors developed and adopted the following Operating Principles for the EVTA’s board and management as they govern, design, operate and improve regional transportation services.

  • Be Engaged - Directors and Alternates agree to contribute during board meetings and follow through on assignments that advance EVTA’s mission.
  • Collaborate - While we each represent different jurisdictions, we will collaborate to make decisions that benefit our entire region.
  • Maintain Mutual Respect - We will be willing to disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Be Solution Focused - We will use our expertise and influence to navigate constraints and challenge the status quo in pursuit of meaningful improvements in mobility.
  • Be Transparent - We will share our viewpoints and our constituents’ perspectives candidly so we can align on optimal solutions.
  • Embrace Innovation - As the transportation landscape grows and changes, we will aspire to stay close to the leading edge.
  • Measure Performance & Impact - We will utilize operational data and customer feedback to continually refine our services and improve our performance.